Recipe: Best Ever Banana Cake

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 28, 2009

in Baking, Cakes, Recipes

This banana cake is my “go to” foolproof cake recipe and the cake I make the most. Even though I didn’t really bake before starting this food blog, I did make this cake numerous times because it was so easy! No beaters are required – just gentle stirring. Most people who try this cake say […]


Recipe: Spring Onion Pancake

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 19, 2009

in Asian, Cooking, Recipes, Sides

A while back I planted some spring onion seedlings and in what seemed like no time, they sprouted and were ready to harvest… all at the same time! I turned to trusty Google to find a recipe that called for a lot of spring onions and decided on a spring onion pancake. I’m not sure […]


Where possible, I tend to make things in half quantities to try out a new recipe. I don’t like to be wasteful just incase it doesn’t work out, and I also don’t want to be a glutton by eating it all if it does work out! I’m not sure if it really affects the recipe […]


Recipe: Norwegian Cinnamon Buns

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 14, 2009

in Baking, Breads, Recipes

Today was my first day back at work after my surgery 2 weeks ago. To celebrate the occasion I made… NOTHING! Yes that’s right, there is nothing to celebrate about a return to work! I enjoyed my time at home resting and not having much to do, but now it is back to reality and […]


Recipe: Berry Crumble Cake

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 10, 2009

in Baking, Cakes, Recipes

Whenever I am offered apple crumble for dessert, I usually scrape out the chunky apple pieces and eat the pastry covered in the apple sauce and the crunchy crumble! There is something about chunky fruit pieces in dessert that I don’t like. But crumble I love! So you can imagine my joy when I saw […]


Recipe: Pistachio Macaroons

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 6, 2009

in Baking, Biscuits/Cookies, Recipes

Writing this post is so going to make me look like a Masterchef groupie / copycat, especially after having made the Masterchef cupcake recipe and chocolate fondants, but I actually made these macaroons last week. They turned out to be a disaster and I was debating whether or not I should post about it, but […]


Recipe: Chocolate Fondants

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 3, 2009

in Baking, Other desserts, Puddings, Recipes

Who knew that Masterchef would be such a hit? It is a good thing that the show has taken Australia by storm because everyone should eventually learn how to cook at home. The show has inspired people to try out new things in the kitchen, myself included. Whenever I miss an episode, I always catch […]


Homemade Chinese Barbecue Pork

by April@MyFoodTrail on July 1, 2009

in Asian, Cooking, Pork, Recipes

Another easy weeknight meal I make once in a while is Chinese BBQ pork (char siu). When eating out at a Chinese restaurant, I tend to stay away from BBQ pork, but that is because most of the time it is overcooked, dry and hard. The BBQ pork I make at home is always moist, […]


Contrary to a lot of my posts, hubby and I do cook meals at home. It’s just that most of the food we cook is not exactly blog-worthy! On weeknights, hubby and I eat pretty simply and like to have dinner done and dusted by 7.30pm – well that’s the plan anyway. This means that […]


Cream Cheese Frosting / Icing

by April@MyFoodTrail on June 26, 2009

in Baking, Icing | Frosting, Recipes

I thought I should also post the basic cream cheese frosting that I use as my “go to” recipe and what I used for the cupcakes in the previous post. It’s easy to make and I know it works. I first discovered this recipe when I was making a banana cake – banana cake and […]

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