One of my all time favourite foods is raw salmon. Like last meal on earth kind of favourite. Smoked salmon also falls into this category so when Huon Aquaculture contacted me and asked if I would like try out their Reserve Selection salmon range and create a recipe, of course I said yes! The most […]


Theme: Breakfast Cookbook: Huey’s Bloody Good Recipes by Iain Hewitson Good ole Huey brings me back to my University days, sitting in front of the TV on a weekday afternoon watching Huey’s Cooking Adventures! I remember really enjoying watching the jovial man with a moustache cooking delicious but simple and homely dishes. He cooked food […]


Theme: Eggs Cookbook: The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander This week should be an easy week to find a recipe because eggs in recipes are so common. The hard part was picking just one recipe to make! I made an absolutely heavenly rich chocolate ice cream, cooked custard style but it didn’t photograph well, so […]

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