One of my all time favourite foods is raw salmon. Like last meal on earth kind of favourite. Smoked salmon also falls into this category so when Huon Aquaculture contacted me and asked if I would like try out their Reserve Selection salmon range and create a recipe, of course I said yes! The most […]


Theme: Rice/Noodles Cookbook: Thai Food by David Thompson Wow, how time flies! It’s like I’ve barely blinked and five weeks have passed since I last blogged! I am so behind in the Cookbook Challenge and my posts, I almost don’t know where to begin blogging again! I guess that’s why I keep putting off starting […]


Theme: Potato Cookbook: Jamie’s Kitchen by Jamie Oliver I used to have pretty simple food tastes. In many ways I still do, but my love and appreciation for food and flavours has grown tremendously since starting this food blog. Hubby used to joke that my favourite food was potatoes and all I needed was fries […]


Theme: French Cookbook: Modern Classics Book 1 by Donna Hay Exactly two years ago to the day, I was in Paris for the first time, on my honeymoon. I was in arguably the most romantic place on earth, with the man of my dreams, starting our new life as husband and wife and all I […]


Theme: Breakfast Cookbook: Huey’s Bloody Good Recipes by Iain Hewitson Good ole Huey brings me back to my University days, sitting in front of the TV on a weekday afternoon watching Huey’s Cooking Adventures! I remember really enjoying watching the jovial man with a moustache cooking delicious but simple and homely dishes. He cooked food […]


Theme: Leaf Cookbook: Women’s Weekly Cook – How to cook absolutely everything Sorry that it has been so quiet here on My Food Trail and also on Twitter. Ever since I’ve gotten back from my US trip, it has been really hard to find the time to blog and once you have been out of […]


Theme: Thai Cookbook: In the Kitchen by Allan Campion & Michele Curtis I don’t have any dedicated Thai cookbooks so I had to think about which cookbook to look through for a Thai theme recipe. I’ve had the ‘In the Kitchen’ cookbook for a while but haven’t used it yet so I decided my Thai […]


Theme: Tangy Cookbook: The New Mrs Lee’s Cookbook: Nonya Cuisine by Mrs Lee Chin Koon A few years ago, I got hubby cooking classes with Tony Tan for his birthday. My boss thought it was hilarious that I was buying hubby a present that was actually benefitting me, but he failed to understand that hubby […]


Theme: Rice Cookbook: Everyday Favourites by Mrs Leong Yee Soo The obvious choice for rice theme week would have been fried rice or risotto, but I’ve strayed away from using the rice grain and used rice flour for my Cookbook Challenge recipe this week. Fried radish cake is better known as fried carrot cake or […]


Theme: BBQ Cookbook: Australian Family Favourites I had no time this week to do the Cookbook Challenge but I didn’t want to fall further behind so I asked whether hubby was interested in doing it on my behalf on Sunday while I was at the food bloggers’ conference. I told him he would need to […]

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