Theme: Soft Cookbook: The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander The first time I tried to make this recipe was a few months ago. I had agreed to make a birthday cake for hubby’s cousin and found out he likes cheesecakes, so what better recipe to use than one that had “best ever” in its name? […]


Theme: Christmas Cookbook: The Basics: A really useful cookbook by Anthony Telford I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas that was filled with a lot eating and merriment! We had a wonderful family Christmas day lunch with too much food as usual but everyone had a great time! It was our first year hosting […]


Theme: Citrus Cookbook: The Australian Women’s Weekly Bake Week 1 of the Cookbook Challenge is almost at an end and hopefully all participants got their recipes completed! It is still not too late for new people to join. You can find more details here. The theme for Week 1 was citrus. I think it actually […]


Thanks to Lindsay from POM I got delivery of a box of POM Wonderful juice which is 100% authentic pomegranate juice made from the Wonderful variety of pomegranates. I had seen these curvy bottles at Woolworths in the fruit and vegetables section, but never thought to try a bottle because to be honest, it is […]


Before I started this blog, I remember thinking when eating a flourless chocolate cake, how can they make it without flour? Oh, how “foodly” naive I was! 🙂 I now know that almond meal is used as a substitute instead of flour! Recently when Mrs L, her hubby Mr S & her gorgeous son Mr […]


Recipe: Banana & Cinnamon Muffins

by April@MyFoodTrail on October 16, 2009

in Baking, Muffins, Recipes

We have lived in our current place since the end of last year and put up with the disgraceful eyesore of a broken, unlevel concrete driveway and weeds and dirt passing as a backyard! This was partly due to a lack of funds after renovating the house to do anything about our garden, but after […]


Celebrity Masterchef is gracing our TV screens at the moment but I can’t say I like the format. I know the producers had to modify the format somewhat because Celebrity Masterchef is only being shown once a week, compared to the ‘non-celebrity’ version being shown 6 days a week. I think the celebrities don’t have […]


Recipe: Black & White Cheesecake Brownies

by April@MyFoodTrail on October 1, 2009

in Baking, Recipes, Slices

Brownies is another baked goodie that I have never tried making before, so I went out hunting for a brownie recipe to try. This was no easy task as there seem to be a gazillion brownie recipes out there, most of them claiming to be “the best”. How am I supposed to just choose one?! […]


Recipe: Snickers & Peanut Butter Muffins

by April@MyFoodTrail on September 24, 2009

in Baking, Icing | Frosting, Muffins, Recipes

I’m starting to think that me & Nigella Lawson don’t get along. Ok, maybe not Nigella herself, but I’m talking about her recipes. I bought two of her cookbooks when I started this blog, and if I am to be honest, it was because of her popularity. The first recipe I tried was her pistachio […]


Recipe: Easy Peasy Lemonade Scones

by April@MyFoodTrail on September 20, 2009

in Baking, Recipes, Scones

Yes, you read right. Scones made with lemonade! This, along with my banana cake, were the only two baking recipes I attempted before I started this food blog! These scones are a huge hit every time I make them and best of all, they only require 3 ingredients and no electric mixer. At work, I […]

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