Apple & caramel tart dessert at Caprice Restaurant, Hong Kong

Highlights of Hong Kong Fine Dining

by April@MyFoodTrail on February 13, 2013

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Thanks for all the congratulatory messages I received about my pregnancy from my last post! :) Besides the not so fun pregnancy symptoms I am experiencing, our baby seems to be progressing well and it’s such an amazing thing to feel him moving around inside me every day.

In this post I wanted to share a couple of fine dining restaurants we went to in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an eating mecca, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of drool worthy restaurants to eat at. With such a high concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in one place, it was a very hard decision only choosing a few but we were only there for 6 days. We did our research as soon as we booked our flights, as we knew we would need to book ahead for some restaurants.

I had some trouble with thinking my iPhone was unlocked, but then going on holidays and realising it wasn’t, so when I came back, I had to wipe and restore my phone to make sure it was unlocked. In that process, I somehow managed to wipe ALL my photos off my phone, never to be seen again! I was so angry and upset but after trying so many things in vain to get my photos back, I had to come to terms that those photos were gone forever. While I still had the photos from my DSLR, I had lost all the photos I took of the menus so I have no descriptions of the wonderful fine dining food we ate. The menus available online weren’t the same so I apologise in advance for not having the inviting food descriptions from the menus.

Caprice Restaurant

One of the restaurants we definitely had on our list was Caprice, a French restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel on Hong Kong Island. It holds a prestigious 3 Michelin stars and Thanh told us that a 3 course meal during lunch time is around $70 AUD. We made sure we booked well in advance and got a beautiful table over looking the water. Even though it was a limited menu, we still got a decent choice of dishes for each of the 3 courses.

And the service, wow, I was so impressed! Each course was brought to the table at the same time by two waiters, syncing their placement at the same moment with a discreet meeting of the eyes! When they were clearing our mains, one of the waiters accidentally dropped a knife on the table and it left a mark on the pristine, stark white table cloth. Within a minute, the maître d was at our table apologising and placing a white napkin on the table to cover the stain!

The food was all very fresh and well plated and the 3 course set lunch deal is such great value for the calibre of the food you get. I would highly recommend putting this place on your must visit list for Hong Kong.

Caprice, Hong Kong - The view

The beautiful water view at Caprice Restaurant

Caprice, Hong Kong - Inside

The grand splendour of the interior

Caprice, Hong Kong - Complimentary amuse bouche & bread

Left: Complimentary amuse bouche of black sesame choux pastries
Right: Complimentary bread with your choice of either salted or unsalted French butter

Caprice, Hong Kong - Entrees

Our entrees which I can’t remember, but I know mine was the one on the left and it was like a smoky prawn jelly

Caprice, Hong Kong - Main of fish

My main of fish and pieces of raw sea urchin on the side

Caprice, Hong Kong - Main of skate fish

Hubby’s main of skate fish with a mix of buttered mushrooms

Caprice, Hong Kong - Desserts

Left: My chocolate dessert was heavenly
Right: Hubby’s apple & caramel tart

Caprice, Hong Kong - Complimentary petit fours

Complimentary petit fours that were served with the tea or coffee included in the set lunch

Amber Restaurant

Amber Restaurant made the 2012 San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (at no. 44) and has two Michelin stars. It was on our list of places to try as it has a Weekend Wine Lunch where you get 6 courses with wine pairing for a very reasonable $798 HKD each (plus 10% service charge, approx. $110 AUD).

Amber Restaurant was just as impressive as Caprice, but it seemed to have a more laid back atmosphere. We also liked that we got to try more dishes and got wine with every course. Wine is ridiculously expensive in Asia, especially in restaurants, starting at around $30-35 AUD a glass!

I don’t normally drink at lunch time because my face goes completely red after a few sips of alcohol like a typical Asian but we were on holiday and I wasn’t designated driver for once! I was having a giggle at an Asian woman on the table next to us because she was clearly intoxicated after only two drinks and her face was the colour of beetroot. Hubby was quick to point out, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and the woman and I look like twins haha!

This is another fine dining restaurant that I would recommend and the Weekend Wine lunch is fantastic value, especially if you like your wine.

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Inside

The impressive interior of Amber Restaurant

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Complimentary amuse bouche

Complimentary bread & 3 different amuse bouche before we’ve even started our meal

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Starters

Left: I remember this as being duck foie gras with aspic & a mushroom jello
Right: My starter with ham hock terrine

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Middle course salmon

My middle course of salmon, smoked & confit

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Middle course fish

Hubby’s middle course of fish with French beans & a fregola base

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Main course

Left: My main of pork belly which the waitress prewarned was going to be fatty. I guess people in Hong Kong complain about fatty meat!
Right: Hubby’s main of fish with white asparagus

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Tasting desserts to share

Desserts were meant to be shared. Left: Strawberries & cream
Right: chocolate slice & cherry sorbet

Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong - Complimentary petit fours

Left: Another strawberry dessert
Right: Complimentary petit fours served with included coffee or tea

Over & Out, April xx

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