Robuchon au Dome, Macau

Robuchon au Dome (formerly Robuchon a Galera), Macau

by April@MyFoodTrail on August 2, 2012

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I think you would be hard pressed to find a food lover who hasn’t heard of Joël Robuchon. Joël Robuchon is famous French chef and restaurateur who has restaurants bearing his name all over the world. I’ve been lucky enough to the visit all the countries where Joël Robuchon has his restaurants, but have never dined at any of them until we visited Macau.

Due to the arrival times of our flights and the connecting ferries, we only really had one opportunity for a fine dining meal in Macau. Since hubby and I had never been to a Joël Robuchon restaurant and Robuchon au Dôme is the only 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Macau, we decided to make a booking.

In my browsing of restaurant menus online, I quickly learned it was cheaper to dine at lunch than at dinner at most of the fine dining restaurants. Most restaurants have a reasonably priced set lunch menu, which was often less than half the price of the larger (and I’m sure more impressive) menu available at dinner. We chose to go for lunch over dinner as my photos would be better during the day and it meant we could go for more meals for the same amount of money.

When I called the restaurant to make a lunch reservation about a month in advance, they asked for my email address so they could send me a form to complete. I needed to provide my credit card details and sign a confirmation form saying I agree that if I fail to show up or cancel within 48 hours, they would charge my credit card HKD$200 (approx $27 AUD) per person. I also had to return the completed confirmation form in a week or they would release my booking! I would understand if they took credit card details for an event, but for an everyday booking, I thought it was a bit extreme. We complied anyway as we wanted to make a reservation.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Outside Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa from outside – Robuchon au Dome is the 43rd floor

Formerly known as Robuchon a Galera, the restaurant has now moved to 43rd floor of the Grand Lisboa and renamed Robuchon au Dôme as it sits in the dome of the Grand Lisboa Hotel. It boasts a magnificent view of Macau, but really, there’s nothing much to see except dingy old buildings and it’s quite foggy! We had a window table, but one of us still had to have our backs to the view. I don’t know why they don’t position the table so both diners are looking out the windows and can enjoy the view.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - The dome; view of Macau

Left: looking up into the top of the dome from the dining room
Right: The view of Macau from the restaurant

Robuchon au Dôme certainly makes an impression with its decor. Some people would describe it as grand opulence, but it’s not to my liking and reminds me of old school fine dining, even though Robuchon au Dome only moved to their new location recently! The Grand Lisboa foyer seems to be decorated in the same style – quite blingy and gaudy!

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Inside Robuchon au Dome

The interior of Robuchon au Dome

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Inside Grand Lisboa

The foyer area of the Grand Lisboa

The set lunch menu starts at a very reasonable MOP$458 + 10% service charge (approx $61 AUD + 10%) for 2 courses plus dessert, so technically 3 courses. We opted for 3 courses plus dessert (4 courses) for MOP$558 + 10% service charge (approx $74 AUD + 10%). The thing that is expensive in Asia is wine. Hubby got the Sommelier selection which was two glasses of 75ml wine for MOP$220 + 10% (approx. $29 AUD + 10%).

I always take photos of the menu with my iPhone so I have a reference for the photos I take, but because of problems with unlocking my iPhone, I ended up losing all the photos I took of the menus from my trip!!! Needless to say, I was very upset to have lost the menu descriptions. I’ve had to rely what I could find from the restaurant website and my memory (which is getting worse!).

We had a generous basket of a variety of bread with both salted and unsalted butter. I’ve never been to a restaurant with such a large selection of bread on the table.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Selection of bread

Bread basket

We were brought a complimentary amuse bouche to start the meal. There were two pieces of flat bread, one olive and one tomato, a chilled tomato and basil soup and a cous cous wrap.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Amuse bouche

Complimentary amuse bouche

The first course came from a choice of 3 items in the Appetizers category. I went with “Le crabe” – crab meat in chilled cream of cauliflower. There were two sesame seed sticks served on the side (not shown in photo). Look how pretty the dish looks! There was a lot of care and thought put into the presentation of each dish.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Crab meat with cauliflower cream

Crab meat in chilled cream of cauliflower, served with sesame seed fritter

Hubby chose “Le foie gras” – lightly smoked foie gras shaved on warm potato salad with a black truffle dressing. This was one of the best dishes. The foie gras was so incredibly smooth.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Shaved foie gras with warm potato salad

Lightly smoked foie gras shaved on warm potato salad with black truffle dressing

For the next course, I chose “Le champignon blanc” from the soup menu – white mushroom veloute served with tiny ravoli and thin strips of Pata Negra ham. The soup was wonderfully potent and the tiny ravioli was a nice addition. This was another one of the best dishes at lunch.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - White mushroom veloute with tiny ravioli

White mushroom veloute served with tiny ravioli and Pata Negra ham julienne

Hubby got a fish dish “Le bar” – back of sea bass slow roasted and covered with an open ravioli. It was an unusual but creative way of serving fish, with a thin sheet of pasta draped on top.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Slow roast sea bass in an open ravioli

Back of sea bass slow roast under fine open ravioli with an essence of savory herbs and vegetable broth

For the final savoury course, we both chose meat. Hubby ordered the hanger steak which was served with sautéed shallots and piquillos and a parsley coulis. Even though the steak was cooked perfectly, it was still chewy and not as good as the hanger steaks hubby has had in Melbourne.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Hanger steak with sauteed shallots

Hanger Steak in French-style with sautéed shallots and piquillos, parsley coulis

As I don’t have a photo of the menu and the menu online is different, I can’t remember what I had! I’m pretty sure it was pork cheek, served on a bed of spinach, with deep fried cheese balls.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Pork cheeks with wilted spinach

Pork cheek with spinach and cheese balls

There was a spectacular dessert trolley that we were eyeing off every time it rolled past and we were stoked to learn we would be able to choose three items for dessert. I chose a chocolate tart, chocolate profiterole and a mille feuille. Hubby declared the mille feuille the best he ever had. The layers were so thin and flaky and crunchy and the custard was silky smooth.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Dessert selection

Dessert selection – mille feuille, chocolate profiterole, chocolate tart

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Dessert and cheese trolley

Left: Dessert trolley
Right: Cheese trolley

There was also a cheese trolley going around and hubby decided he was more in the mood for cheese than dessert (though that didn’t stop him digging into my dessert!). I can’t remember the three cheeses he chose, but they were recommended by the waiter. They were only served with dried apricot, no crackers which I found really strange. The serves were also very small, so hubby had some dessert envy afterwards!

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Dessert cheese platter

Cheese selection

Tea or coffee is included in the set lunch. I chose a herbal tea. The tea and coffee was served with complimentary petit fours.

Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Tea


Joel Robuchon au Dome, Macau - Petit fours

Petit fours

Hubby and I had a very enjoyable long lunch at Robuchon au Dome. It was reasonably priced for 4 courses in a 3 Michelin starred restaurant. We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the centre of Macau and being drawn to further expand our already full stomachs with Macau street snacks and the freely available samples in the bakeries.

Over & Out, April xx

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Iron Chef Shellie August 2, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Woah, they must have a lot of people who don’t turn up !

I love the crockery 😛 haha


April@MyFoodTrail August 2, 2012 at 8:54 pm

The crockery looked really expensive!


Adrian (Food Rehab) August 2, 2012 at 11:03 pm

Dayem, the crab meat in chilled cream looks like ART. So many colours – must have been so ace gulping it all down. Seems like you and your yummy had a ball on this trip!


Tina @ bitemeshowme August 3, 2012 at 1:17 pm

The booking system does sound extreme, but I suppose they just want to make sure they have no losses? What an amazing experience you had though. Glad you finally got round to dine there. Love the look of the hanger steak. It looks delicious!


Michelle August 3, 2012 at 5:54 pm

I never gotten a dessert trolley experience before! 🙁


Hannah August 4, 2012 at 10:26 am

THE ENTIRE BUILDING SPARKLES. That’s enough for me, right there.


Agnes August 4, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Looks fantastic. The food anyway, not the decor. (Asians love their bling?!)


Sarah August 9, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Lovely post! It all looks fabulous, especially the deep fried cheese balls!!!


Daisy@Nevertoosweet August 16, 2012 at 3:30 pm

OMG OMG OMG OMG 🙂 you managed to go April!!!! So super jealous!!! Last time I went to Macau, I missed out! My sister forgot to book for it, and the ferry was late and ARGH so i went to other places to eat instead around Macau but still!!!

ROBUCHON is amazing hehe! I did manage to go to the one in HK 🙂 And that was really good and I enjoyed it but still nothing like Robuchon au Dome! Can’t wait to go back in December and try to book a table again!!!

Sorry for not dropping by your blog lately, work hasn’t been very kind to me 🙁


Thanh August 29, 2012 at 7:35 am

Wow looks amazing. I like that old skool opulence. Feels very classy.

I only ever eat lunch as it makes my Instagram photos look better SIS 🙂

Your photos look great by the way, especially those desserts. Yum.


Gadget Nyheder September 4, 2012 at 5:54 am

Wow. That food looks so good!
I usually get a bad feeling in my stomach when i have just eaten, and fx. looks at a food ad in the TV. But i have just eaten, and when i look at THIS, it just makes me even more hungry :O

If i could make food like that.. Damn…


April@MyFoodTrail September 6, 2012 at 4:22 pm

It definitely takes a lot of effort and creativity to make food look this good… and not only look good, but also taste good!


tastyfoodsnaps October 2, 2012 at 7:12 pm

love the look of the mille feuille! the pastry is so golden with fresh cream! yum!


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