2012 MFWF Event Market, Bazaar, Souk and Kitchen

Photo Sundays: 2012 MFWF Event Market, Bazaar, Souk & Kitchen

by April@MyFoodTrail on June 17, 2012

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So do you remember my attempt at Photo Sundays? Photo Sundays were supposed to be posts that were less text and more photos, so hopefully even when I was busy, my blog keeps going. And let’s face it – I’m sure everyone’s RSS feed reader is filled with unread posts and sometimes you just want to look at mostly photos!

Photo Sundays turned out to be a dud attempt because the last time I wrote a Photo Sundays post was at the start of October last year! I have decided to resurrect Photo Sundays as I’ve got a massive backlog of posts which I didn’t manage to clear before I went on holidays and I’m sure everyone wants to read about what I got up to on my trip.

The 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was over almost three months ago, but I wanted to share one of the final ones I went to – the Market, Bazaar, Souk and Kitchen event held by Victoria University. It would be almost impossible to top my favourite 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event, which was the Champagne Jayne First Ladies of Lunch event but this event was excellent too. It was one of the events under $50, which I thought was really good value (even though I was invited along).

The morning started with over 30 of us gathering at the Footscray Market nice and early for a tour of the Market and for us to collect the ingredients we would be cooking with later on. Our guide was Jacqui, who is an educator at Victoria University and there were volunteer Victoria University students to make sure we didn’t get lost.

After the Footscray Market tour, we headed back to Victoria University where we firstly watched Jacqui and her team prepare the dishes in a cooking lecture theatre room, much like a Masterchef master class. We then moved into the commercial kitchens, and broke up into groups of 5 to 6 people for a hands on cooking session of our own. We made 5 dishes, which we got to eat for lunch.

The Market, Bazaar, Souk & Kitchen event was a fun way to spend a morning, and having never really been to Footscray Market before, it was a great way to get a tour.

MFWF 2012 Event - Market, Bazaar, Souk, Kitchen in Footscray

The meeting point for the start of the Footscray Market tour

MFWF 2012 Event - Our instructor, Jacqui

Our instructor Jacqui giving us a cooking demonstration and letting us smell the fragrant coconut dressing she made

MFWF 2012 Event - Cooking cured smoked trout

Another instructor showing us how to make cured, (hot) smoked ocean trout

MFWF 2012 Event - Cooking class at Victoria University

Inside the cooking theatre. Some of the Victoria University students volunteering to help us out

MFWF 2012 Event - Kitchen inside Victoria University

Moving on to the cooking stations for us to cook the dishes for ourselves

MFWF 2012 Event - Cooking water spinach (kang kong)

Uncooked water spinach (kang kong). We made this with garlic and a chilli prawn paste sauce

MFWF 2012 Event - Caramel pork belly

Caramel pork belly cooked in a claypot. Pork belly was very tender but it was scary to see the thick film of oil floating on top!

MFWF 2012 Event - Banana blossom salad

Banana blossom salad

MFWF 2012 Event - Cucumber, pineapple & beanshoots salad

Cucumber, pineapple and beanshoots salad

MFWF 2012 Event - Smoked ocean trout with betel leaves

Lastly, my favourite dish, the smoked ocean trout with green mango, wrapped in betel leaves

Over & Out, April xx

April attended the Market, Bazaar, Souk & Kitchen event as a guest of Victoria University and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

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Adrian (Food Rehab) June 19, 2012 at 3:55 pm

wowser, you are right about the film of oil buy hey, at least all that salad somehow makes up for it…LOL Was the pork worth it?


April@MyFoodTrail June 21, 2012 at 5:05 pm

I tried to avoid the oil, but the meat was very tender… probably because of all the oil! LOL!


Daisy@Nevertoosweet June 22, 2012 at 3:47 pm

OMG that pork belly looks so tender and soft 🙂 But the oil…is quite scary hahah but then i guess it’s expected when you eat pork belly hehe 🙂


April@MyFoodTrail July 6, 2012 at 10:02 pm

Yeah I always try to scrape off the excess oil when I’m cooking pork belly at home. I’d prefer not to be reminded how fatty it is while I’m eating it hehe


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