Dining Out: The Point, Albert Park

by April@MyFoodTrail on April 1, 2011

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The Point
Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Lake VIC
(03) 9682 5566

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Steakhouse
Prices: Entrées $22-$40, Mains $36-$45, Steaks $39-$78, Sides $10-$11, Dessert $12-$24

I was looking back through my blog posts to see the last time I posted a ‘Dining Out’ post, and was very surprised to realise it was in December when I posted about Eleven Madison Park in New York. I have to go all the way back to October to find my last Melbourne Dining Out post (The Convent Bakery in Abbotsford)!! Wow, how disgraceful that is has been that long! I’ve eaten out a lot of places since then and have a never ending backlog of places to blog… but which foodblogger doesn’t?! 🙂

My most recent time dining out at a restaurant was at the Point at Albert Park Lake so I thought I better post about my meal there before trying to clear some of my backlog! I had only been to the Point once before, many years ago for my mother in laws birthday dinner. I’ve been wanting to go try it again for some time, but there are just too many restaurants to visit and not enough time, not to mention not enough money!

I had heard the Point is great place to go for good steak and since I had decided my “last nice meal” was going to be steak, we made a booking for the Point. What do I mean by “last nice meal”? Well, I mean my last nice meal before my jaw surgery.

Some of you already know my story, but basically my journey towards jaw surgery started in late 2009. Not to bore you with too many details, I needed to get braces to fix my overbite and jaw surgery to fix my misaligned jaw (along with other problems). I had my lower jaw surgery almost two weeks ago now and recovery has been really tough. The first week after surgery felt pretty close to hell, physically and emotionally. I had some of the worst bruising I had ever seen and my face had swollen so I looked like a giant puffer fish. I had a lot of bleeding and discomfort, and no appetite, but I had to force myself to drink enough liquids to be let out of hospital.

I have to be on a liquid diet for two weeks, followed by a soft food diet for a further two weeks, before I can start eating “proper” food again. I have elastics across my top and bottom braces holding my jaw together so since my surgery I have been using a syringe to push liquid between my teeth. Not very pleasant. I’m glad to report though, I am over the worst of the recovery now and things will only continue to get better. However, recovery is a slow process – it can take as long as 6 months to be fully healed. I’m just aiming to be able to go out to a nice restaurant for my birthday in a few weeks!

Anyway, back to telling you about the Point. We went on a Saturday night and there were three functions on that night (a wedding, an engagement party and a birthday party), as well as the customers in the restaurant. I’m impressed that the kitchen was able to produce such wonderful food and in a timely manner, considering everything they had on. It probably helped that went for an early dinner. The waiter brought a complimentary appetiser of a cube of pork terrine, served on a Chinese soup spoon. I didn’t catch the description of the pork, but it was really good. The pork was very soft and had a mousse like texture, but I could actually see shreds of meat.

The Point - Appetiser of pork

Appetiser of pork

For my entrée, I chose the Western Plains suckling pork. With my jaw surgery, I know I won’t be having pork crackling any time soon, so I was hoping this dish would have perfect crackling. I wasn’t disappointed! The pork meat was meltingly soft, while the crackling was perfectly crisp and crunchy without being too hard. Most of the fat had been rendered off too. My mouth is watering just thinking of this dish now! The marron was also cooked to perfection. My only complaint about the dish would be that the serving was too small… I wanted more pork!

The Point - Western Plains suckling pork

Western Plains suckling pork, grilled marron, sauce ravigote & carrots viche $29

Hubby ordered the charcuterie board, a platter of cured meats, for his entrée. This is one of the best charcuterie board I’ve ever seen, with a fantastic selection of items. The waiter went through everything and while I can’t remember everything, I know there was a game terrine, duck breast slices, ox tongue, bresola, prosciutto, jamon, duck liver parfait, anchovy and a quail egg among other things, served with some bread. My favourite was the duck liver parfait.

The Point - Charcuterie board

The Point charcuterie board $29

For my main, I chose a steak since steak is another thing I won’t be able to eat for a long while yet. There is a large display cabinet at the front of the restaurant as you walk in with all the different cuts of meat available. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of it to show you. The Point has a variety of different steaks available with beef from Cape Grim, Clare Valley, Hopkins River and Darling Downs. I went with the Cape Grim scotch fillet which came with field mushrooms, baby carrots and a delectable, creamy truffle infused mash.

The Point - Cape Grim Scotch Fillet

350g pasture fed Cape Grim (TAS) scotch fillet, field mushrooms, creamed potato, baby carrots & the Point butter $39

Hubby also chose a steak and went with the Darling Downs wagyu porterhouse. Hubby enjoyed the steak, but I thought it was a bit chewy for wagyu. The porterhouse came with a herb crusted bone marrow, wilted spinach, half a lemon and a red wine jus served separately. Hubby loves his bone marrow, but this bone marrow was very oily and very rich so he couldn’t finish it all. I personally don’t get the appeal of bone marrow… it’s like eating fat, but without much flavour!

The Point - Darling Downs Wagyu Porterhouse

250g Darling Downs (QLD) Grain fed Wagyu 350 days minimum Porterhouse MS 7+, The Point Garnish (roasted bone marrow, wilted spinach, lemon & red wine jus) $68

Overall: The Point is a great setting for a romantic dinner, with prime views of Albert Park Lake, however it is a pricey restaurant. The atmosphere is pleasant and the service is first rate. The steaks are excellent quality and well cooked. I would highly recommend the Western Plains suckling pork.

Over & Out, April xx

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