Travel: Hamilton Island, Queensland – Things to See & Do – Part 2

by April@MyFoodTrail on June 4, 2009

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Take a hike

When we first checked into our hotel, we got a little Hamilton Island guide. In the guide, it listed a whole lot of walking/hiking trails ranging from just over a kilometre to almost 5kms one way. One of the trails takes you to a secluded beach called Coral Cove, which caught our interest.

Since we had the buggy, we decided to start the trail from the Palm Valley entrance. It’s quite far from the hotel, but you can also take the shuttle bus.

Walking trails from Palm Valley entrance

I’m not much of a hiker but I thought it would be good exercise so I gave it a go. OMG, it was tough. It wasn’t proper walking paths but rather gravel tracks and 90% of the way was steep hills!

The first steep hill… one of many

Going down hill

Relieved to see water in the distance, signalling we must be close!

After about 40 minutes, we arrive at Coral Cove. Just before we reached there, we passed a couple who had just left. When we got to the beach, there was no-one except us.

Entrance of Coral Cove

Coral Cove beach

Coral Cove beach

We walked around in the water for a while, but I was a bit scared about getting stung by a jelly fish or something so I didn’t want to go in too deep, especially since we were on our own. As we got closer to the water, I got the fright of my life when I saw this…

Tell me this doesn’t look like a crocodile

Turns out it was someone’s idea of a practical joke because it was just a piece of wood. It looks so real, but I guess if you thought about it properly, what would a crocodile be doing at the beach? We also saw a lot of oyster shells clumped together, but unfortunately no oysters in them.

Oyster mounds

On our return trip, we got a better view of the airport runway. There is some construction work going on around the airport so maybe they are looking at extending it.

The start of the airport runway

Laze by the pool

You are able to go to any pool on the island for free but we spent most of our time at the main pool, which is also the biggest. The reason? The swim up bar! It was very cool sitting at a barstool in the water drinking a cocktail! The main pool bar has two happy hour times a day where selected cocktails are $11.60 instead of the usual $14.50 and there are also other drink specials. The Bougainvillea pool also had a bar, but you had to get out of the water to get a drink.

All the pools are clean and well maintained and didn’t get too crowded during our time there. The water actually felt colder than the sea, but once you got into the water, it wasn’t too bad.

The Reef View Hotel pool – right next to where we have breakfast

The Bougainvillea pool – right next to the beach

The main pool with the swim up bar

A pool right next to the Toucan Tango restaurant

Watch the sunrise and sunset

Normally you won’t see me awake before the sun wakes but I thought I should get up early one morning to catch the sunrise from our balcony.

Sunrise at 6am

Sunrise at 6.40am – one of my favourite photos

On a different day, we went up to One Tree Hill to watch the sunset.

Best place to watch the sunset

The small bar set up to serve cocktails

All the people who have also come to see the sunset

Sunset at 5.13pm

Sunset at 5.17pm

Sunset at 5.22pm

Sunset at 5.28pm

Other activities

There are also other activities on the island which we didn’t try.

Play tennis at the Reef View Hotel tennis courts

Pretend you’re a Formula 1 driver when go karting

Fire a gun at the shooting range

Show Tiger Woods what you’re made of and practice your golf

I was tempted to try the driving range even though I don’t play golf just because you got to hit the balls into the water!

In my next post, I will cover places to eat. Stay tuned!

Over & Out, Rilsta

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