Dining Out: Imperial Kingdom, Glen Waverley

by April@MyFoodTrail on June 12, 2009

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Imperial Kingdom Restaurant
546 – 554 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley
(03) 9802 6787

Cuisine: Chinese
BYO: yes, wine only
Price (yum cha): $3.80 regular, $4.80 medium, $5.50 deluxe, tea $1.50 per person
Parking: Free on-site parking

Imperial Kingdom is another eastern suburbs institution for Asian families and I remember coming here when I was younger with family for various special occasions. Even though I have changed from my younger years, Imperial Kingdom still looks the same! The decor (and especially the toilets) is ageing and dated and is desperate need of some modernisation. It doesn’t stop the Asian families coming though!

Hubby, as usual, had a craving for yum cha and we chose Imperial Kingdom as we haven’t been for some time. We like to go for the early session as we can skip breakfast, the food will be fresh and the restaurant is usually less crowded.

There weren’t many people when we arrived at 11.30 so the trolleys came around fast (and multiple times!). First we chose the wu kok (deep fried taro dumpling). The outer shell is crisp and the inner filling is a delicious yam and minced pork mixture.

Taro dumpling (wu kok), regular $3.80

The wu kok filling

Next was the siu mai (pork and prawn dumpling). There was visible bits of prawn in the dumplings and the meat was very tender and tasty.

Pork dumpling (siu mai), regular $3.80

Next was the pei dan chok (minced pork and century egg congee). The congee had plenty of century egg pieces – very nice. My favourite is the crispy wonton skin on top!

Century egg congee (pei dan chok), medium $4.80

Next was our favourite lor bak koh (Fried white radish cake). The lor bak koh is steamed first with white radish and normally has small bits of chinese sausage and dried shrimp inside. It is then pan fried and served as below. The cake should be crispy on the outside and have a soft, almost melt in the mouth texture and of course be full of flavour. These ones ticked all the boxes.

Fried white radish cake (lor bak koh), regular $3.80

Next was another favourite, har gao (prawn dumpling). These har gao were so good! They were plump and big, had real prawn pieces and so tasty.

Prawn dumpling (har gao), medium $4.80

We decided to try a different dumpling and picked the crab and sweet corn dumpling. You could taste the real crab meat inside the dumpling, very nice.

Crab & sweet corn dumpling, medium $4.80

Next was the rice paper prawn. I took a bite and as I was chewing, I noticed a black hair poking out from the remaining portion. I was grossed out and complained, but all the waiter did was take the dish away and said “I’ll bring you another one”. No apology, no nothing. Hubby’s response was classic – he said “What do you expect, it’s a Chinese restaurant.”

Rice paper prawn, $4.80

We spent the next while discussing the topic of finding hair and other things in your food. In a fine dining restaurant, if you found something in your food that didn’t belong, you would expect them to either not charge you for your meal or give you a free dessert or something extra to say I’m sorry. Hubby said he would kick up a fuss because it is expected that they have a high standard. However in Chinese restaurant, as bad as it is, we tend to accept a lower standard because Chinese restaurants are not renowned for their fabulous customer service.

Regardless of whether we find something in our food, if the quality of the food is good, we will revisit the restaurant because sometimes these things happen. It should never happen, but unfortunately it does. Have you ever found something in your food and how did the eatery respond?

Although we were full, we couldn’t resist trying the XO prawns and meatballs as they looked so good and we like all things XO. XO is a chilli sauce that has a prawny/scallopy flavour. The sauce was on top of the prawn, which sat on top of a minced pork ball. This was really yummy. The porkball was so tender and the prawns were cooked well.

XO prawns and meatball, deluxe $5.50

The prices are really good for yum cha and the food is all above average. Despite the hair, we would come back.

Over & Out, Rilsta xx

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Maria@TheGourmetChallenge June 15, 2009 at 10:25 am

hmmmm yum cha! I haven't had yum cha for ages, I think I'm getting a craving!

Just the usual, mainly hair in food is what we find. But once a friend of mine found a piece of a metal scourer. That wasn't nice at all.


SK June 17, 2009 at 11:24 pm

The hair would be off putting but the pics looks great. Mmmmm . . .


Rilsta June 18, 2009 at 11:39 am

Hi Maria: Eww.. metal scourer. That would have been dangerous.

Hi SK: The food was fantastic depsite the discovery of the hair!


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