Dining Out: BBQ House Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

by April@MyFoodTrail on June 14, 2009

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BBQ House Seafood Restaurant
Shop 5, 240 Victoria Street, Richmond VIC
(03) 9428 7932

Cuisine: Chinese
BYO: Yes, no charge
Price: Mains around $20, rice $2 per person
Parking: Along Victoria Street

Mr SW and Ms CT returned for a short visit to Melbourne and for their first meal we went to an old favourite. Over the years we have called it Seafood BBQ House or BBQ Seafood House but it wasn’t until I was reviewing it for this blog that I realised it was actually BBQ House Seafood restaurant! We will still refer to it as Seafood BBQ House though!

The restaurant is only two doors down from the more famous Pacific BBQ House, but I think this place is better. I don’t understand why there is always a queue for Pacific BBQ on the weekends. People should give this place a go.

My favourite dish is the shredded beef with sweet and sour sauce. Not many places have this dish and most that do, don’t do it as well. It is too much trouble to make at home, so I like to order it when I come here. The strips of beef and small strips of carrots are individually battered and deep fried, then cooked with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. The beef and carrots are crunchy and I love the tang of the sauce.

Shredded beef with sweet and sour sauce $20.50

Another good dish is egg tofu with salted fish and minced pork. It comes on a sizzling plate with pieces of the soft Japanese egg tofu, salted fish pieces, baby corn, minced pork all mixed together in a gingery sauce.

Silky bean curd with salted fish and minced pork $17.50

We normally order the deep fried chicken ribs with shrimp paste, but thought this time we would get the pork ribs. Big mistake! The pork has a lot of meat and just a bit of bone at the edge of the meat. As a result, when it goes in the batter, it curls up and when deep fried, there are big chunks of batter inside. The batter was thicker than usual and the whole dish was just too oily. The chicken ribs are much better.

Deep fried pork ribs with shrimp paste $17

The last dish was snow pea shoots with garlic. The snow pea shoots were tender but unfortunately Ms CT found a small piece of what felt and looked like a rock in her dish. It was lucky she didn’t bite down on it. We told the manager and to their credit, they took it away and offered to cook another one. We had already eaten half of it so we said we didn’t want another one. The manager then took it off our bill and apologised again. I was surprised at the good customer service at a Chinese restaurant, but I wonder if she still would have taken it off our bill if we got the dish replaced.

Snow pea shoots with garlic $16

Over & Out, Rilsta xx

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Maria@TheGourmetChallenge June 15, 2009 at 10:16 am

Sounds like a good place to go. I love the vibrant greeness of the snow pea shoots. I've never had them cooked before, only raw. They taste so lovely and sweet raw, I wonder what they taste like cooked.


Rilsta June 18, 2009 at 11:40 am

Hi Maria: Hehe, I have never had snow pea shoots raw! I have been brought up having them cooked. They are sweet cooked too, but they have to be fresh or else they end up chewy and kind of stringy.


fucko.inc August 8, 2009 at 1:59 am

Yay love the BBQ House, its so much cheaper than Pacific and just as good but I think it's great that people queue for Pacific cos it means the insiders avoid them and squeeze into BBQ House instead, although it can be insanely busy too. Ok my favourites are the garlic snow peas, must try the sprouts though and that beef you mentioned. I can never go past a Peking duck entree and we always get the Spicy Salt Calamari, think that's how they refer to it on the menu, it comes covered in amazing fried herbs and crunchy bits that are delicious mixed into the steamed rice hehe. The Crispy skin BBQ Pork is incredible too, I always wanna walk in with two slices of doughy white bread slathered in butter and make a sandwich with some nice homemade coleslaw, my mouth is watering now…anyway thanks for an interesting review and will try some of your favourites next time


Rilsta August 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Hi fuckoinc: Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog! I get the spicy salt calamari too sometimes, so much better than the calamari rings you find at Aussie places! The pork is fantastic too – the crackling is always crunchy. I keep meaning to try new things here but we always go back to old favs that we know and love!


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