Dining Out: Breezes Restaurant, Crown Towers

by April@MyFoodTrail on May 24, 2009

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Breezes Restaurant
Level 3, Crown Towers
(03) 9292 6896

Cuisine: French inspired Australian
Price: Entree $18-$24.50, Mains $30.50-$49, Sides $7.60
Parking: Crown Casino car park

There are so many restaurants at Crown, we often have trouble deciding which one to visit. We initially wanted to go to Number 8, but they were fully booked, so we went with our second option, Breezes. We have been to Breezes before, but not for a couple of years.

We made our booking at 6pm because hubby wanted to watch the footy after and we were the first people to arrive. We didn’t get the prime seats right next to the window, but we were only one table behind. The service was good with the waiters being attentive and coming back to ask how your food was, even after the restaurant filled up later.

There is a small bowl of complimentary olives in olive oil at the table and the waiter comes later to bring you some warm crusty bread.

The menu is available online and as we had looked at it earlier, we had pretty much decided what we wanted to order. We went for the tasting plate as an entree to share. You could choose 4 items out of the 8 on offer. We chose the spanner crab tian, marinated scallops, mushroom and mozzarella gratin and the tiger prawns.

Clockwise from top left: Mushroom and mozzarella gratin, spanner crab tian with dill crème fraiche, tiger prawns with red capsicum coulis and marinated scallops with orange syrup – a taste of Breezes $32

The scallops were very fresh, but slightly undercooked for my liking. The orange syrup was extremely tart and to me, didn’t suit as an accompaniment so I left it aside. The prawns went well with the red capsicum coulis and the flesh was firm. The mushroom and mozzarella gratin was a small serve and was quite ordinary. The spanner crab tian was nice and full of flavour. I think tasting plates are great to sample a variety of different things and being able to choose what items to include is even better.

Hubby had the venison rib eye for his main. This is what he had to say. “I haven’t had venison for a few years – the last time I had it was at a dodgy French restaurant in Mt Waverley (now closed), and it stank and tasted awful. I think it must have been cryo-vac packed and they didn’t let the meat air sufficiently between opening and cooking. Anyway, this venison craps all over the Mt Waverley one.”

Grilled venison rib eye with elderberry jus and parsnip puree $39.50

“Now I know deer aren’t as big as cows, but the size of the rib eye was disappointing. I guess it would have been about 200-250g including the bone, and it sat on top of a small mound of sautéed spinach along with a parsnip puree. The meat was fine – cooked as requested to medium rare (I’m amazed at how many high end restaurants can’t cook meat to the correct doneness) and lean, although a little less gamey flavoured than I remembered from previous venison dishes. The elderberry jus was very thick and a little too sweet for my liking. All up though, it was a nice dish, but not really worth the price.”

For my main, I chose the roasted lamb rack. I normally have an aversion to lamb and would rather go hungry than eat it when it is home cooked. However, occasionally at a high end restaurant, I will give lamb racks a go. Why is that? Well, I find home cooked lamb is normally not of a high grade and it has a smell and taste that is very off putting. The worst part is how it develops this disgusting, congealed film of fat if you don’t eat it immediately while it is still hot. Hubby loves lamb and doesn’t understand what I am talking about so on the nights he wants lamb, he is eating it on his own.

Roasted lamb rack with rocket cream, herb salad and grain mustard glaze $39.00

I actually enjoyed the lamb at Breezes. Hubby’s jawed dropped when I said that! The meat was a bit too pink for me, but because it was dark, I tried not to look! The lamb was tender and juicy, none of that foul taste I mentioned earlier. The side of the lamb with the fat had a beautiful crisp coating and the rocket cream and mustard glaze was a truly perfect match for the lamb.

We also ordered a side of kipfler potatoes. There was too much rosemary flavour and they were on the oily side. Not that nice.

Side of kipfler potatoes with garlic and rosemary $7.60

I thought the tasting plate was ok but nothing really made me go “YUM”. We enjoyed the mains but we were still hungry after our meal. The portion sizes were not worth the price and the food did not have enough wow for me to forget the cost. Hubby mentioned after the meal that he reckons that the days when we happily spent over $100 for a meal might be gone! Now we want good food but value for money! I guess that’s what happens when you sign your life away get a mortgage!

Over & Out, Rilsta xx

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Maria@TheGourmetChallenge May 25, 2009 at 6:09 pm

I totally agree. The last couple of times I went to breezes, it was a monumental disappointment. An hence now I never go back. Great view, semi ok atmosphere, terrible food. good to see the tasting plate was good though.


Rilsta June 2, 2009 at 10:38 am

Doh, you should have told me before I went! 🙂


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